The Somnox Sleep Robot: The Most Comfortable Sleep Companion For Everyone

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The Somnox Sleep Robot has been designed to be a comfy, useful, and easy to use product. Comfort is mainly ensured by the ergonomic shape of the robot and the material used to cover it. The user hugs the Somnox Sleep Robot at night like a teddy bear, which means the shape of the Sleep Robot had to be carefully designed to be both easy to hug and pleasing to the eye. The materials that are used in the Sleep Robot have been carefully selected after reviewing and visiting several mattress factories. The sleeve is washable, fully breathable, and consists of natural fabrics. In addition to the breathing and audio function of the Somnox Sleep Robot, the huggability of your new sleep companion creates affection which in turn contributes to a better night rest.

Why is the Sleep Robot shaped like it is?

The Somnox Sleep Robot shape is designed such that people maintain a natural position when hugging it without deviating from the natural neck and shoulder alignment. The curved shape of the Sleep Robot and the absence of sharp edges give a sense of peace and calmness since, as stated by Oshin Vartanian of the University of Toronto at Scarborough, humans prefer curves because they feel safer. The two-sphere-connected shape gives a sense of harmony, as the sphere shape allows higher volume over surface area ratio than other shapes. This is the principle reason why most natural objects ranging from waterdrops to planets are spherical.

How can affection lead to a better night of sleep?

Maybe some of you know what it’s like to sleep with a partner, sleeping together in a specific position, like spooning. Or maybe it only takes 10 minutes before you and your partner turn your back to each other and drift off. Either way, cuddling and the affection of your partner release chemicals that help you relax after a stressful day. These chemicals are hormones, called oxytocin. This hormone relieves pain, boosts your immune system, and relieves stress. Therefore, and that’s exactly where we’re heading, it can help you sleep (Kuchinskas, 2009). The study of Spiegelhalder et al (2017) showed that for both sexes, sleep quality was perceived to be better when sleeping together.

Three studies involving a total of around 1400 adults have shown that a deprivation of affection, the condition of receiving less affectionate communication than desired, is significantly associated with multiple facets of disturbed sleep and physical pain (Floyd & Hesse, 2017).

Of course, the Somnox Sleep Robot can never be compared to a partner, but it’s an inanimate object you can cuddle or spoon just as well. The Sleep Robot is designed to feel like having a sleep companion through the night, like a living being instead of a mechanical robot. The Sleep Robot overcomes the archetype of robots by providing you all the good feelings that arise during the simulation of sleeping with someone.

The Sleep Robot’s shape is designed to allow the sleepers to comfortably place it on their chest, wrap their arms around it and hug it. In this way, the Somnox Sleep Robot is able to give you affection.

Holding an inanimate object when sleeping has a lot of other benefits. There are many examples of people who hug their pillow at night. That way the Sleep Robot serves as a reminder for the brain during bedtime that it should start to settle down. In this way, it could function as “an environmental cue”. It can also function as a protective barrier during the night and therefore provide a sense of safety and security which will help to relax.

The fetus shape of the Somnox Sleep Robot accommodates the fetal position that many people naturally adopt when they sleep. This natural adoption stems from childhood where we typically prefer the fetal position while sleeping and hold a stuffed animal or similar soft object.

Whether you’re an adult or child, everyone prefers the presence of a person, a stuffed animal, or the Sleep Robot over sleeping alone. There’s nothing wrong with that, because adults often have problems with self-soothing skills. The Somnox Sleep Robot can promote these self-soothing skills and therefore take care of a better night’s rest (Owens, 2014).


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